Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Boy and His Dog

"A rather kinky tale of survival". That is the tagline from the trailers and ads for A Boy and His Dog. It is apropos. This is one weird flick. Most people dislike it, but, for some reason, I find it intriguing. Don Johnson plays Vic, a loner in Phoenix after World War IV. He is accompanied by Blood, a telepathic dog that helps him look for "females and food". Vic wants the females while Blood wants the food. I guess that is the difference between a boy and his dog? Along the way Vic meets Quilla, a beautiful young woman. She has been living underground since the war and is unaffected by the plagues and famine above ground. She entices, against Blood's wishes, Vic to visit her underground home. After some misadventures Vic escapes and returns to the surface. Will Blood be waiting?

The ending of A Boy and His Dog has been the subject of much discussion over the years. It is quite a surprise. I find it fantastic. Pay close attention to the last minute. Do you approve?

This is based upon a Hugo award winning novella by Harlan Ellison. I sat next to him at the world premiere of A Boy and His Dog in 1975. There he proclaimed his admiration for the film and support of the script. After the film did not do well he changed his tune. He denounced the small changes made by the filmmakers and wanted his name removed from the movie. Now, as the film maintains its cult status, he again appreciates the film. Oh well, if you know Harlan Ellison that comes as no surprise.

This film is low-budget, odd, dark and humorous. I enjoy it. Do you?

Trivia: Blood, the dog, is also the dog 'Tiger' from tv's 'The Brady Bunch'. From wholesome family television to a sarcastic telepath. Pretty good acting range for a dog.

Filmed in 1975, directed by L.Q. Jones, written by L.Q. Jones from a Harlan Ellison novella, starring Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards and Alvy Moore.

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