Thursday, November 5, 2009


Just finished a seldom seen movie from the 60's, John Frankenheimer's Seconds. Starring Rock Hudson this is like a feature-length episode of the Twilight Zone. If you can move past the relatively slow opening pace the film provides some intriguing twists as well as lots of unique camera work and music.

A banker (played by veteran character actor John Randolph) gets the opportunity to transform his life into "what every man wants:complete freedom!" He takes this chance and becomes a swinging bachelor (played by Rock Hudson). The twists are sure to make Rod Serling's heart proud. Make sure you stay through the finish!

Rock Hudson's performance is unlike anything else I have seen. This film may not be up with Frankenheimer's masterpiece The Manchurian Candidate, but it is well worth seeing.

Filmed in 1966, Directed by John Frankenheimer, starring Rock Hudson, John Randolph, Salome Jens and Will Geer

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