Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Man Who Would be King

This is an adventure movie as they were meant to be experienced. Sweeping in scale, featuring megastars Sean Connery and Michael Caine, directed by all-time great John Huston and filmed across Asia. Gods, war, friendship, unique cultures, Kafiristan, a quest for a Crown, Alexander the Great, and tons of adventure. What more could any film buff want?

Based on the Kipling short story, this adventure finds two British soldiers (Connery and Caine) in search of riches. Their travels bring them to Kafiristan. They form their own army and proceed to conquer the natives. After a near-death experience the Kafiris believe Connery to be a God. Our two heroes decide that being a God could be better than being Kings. But heavy is the head that wears the crown. Ego and greed separates these pals and brings darkness and devastation upon them.

The wonderful script by director Huston and Gladys Hill borrows loosely from Rudyard Kipling. Christopher Plummer does a terrific job portraying Mr. Kipling who has become a character within this film. Both Connery and Caine are fantastic and the scenery, pomp and ceremony are wonderful. The Man Who Would be King is a true adventure film for you to enjoy.

Filmed in 1975, directed by John Huston, written by John Huston and Gladys Hill, starring Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer.

Notes: Karroom Ben Bouih, the actor that portrayed High Priest Kafu-Selim, was 103 years old at the time of filming. Upon seeing himself on the big screen he declared now I shall live on forever. Connery and Caine later sued the film's production company, Allied Artists, for their share of the profits. They reportedly received $250,000 each.


  1. Also, the actress playing the woman who catches Connery's eye is Michael Caine's wife. Can't remember if they met on the film or if he just arranged for her to get a bit part.

  2. Yes, that is Shakira Caine. The Caines had been married before this movie was shot. At a dinner party as filming began, Diretor Huston was asked about who would be playing Roxanne. He had not cast the part yet. Many of the people at the dinner turned to look at Shakira. Huston cast her on the spot!